Petanque league table for Timsbury 7 Stars
Season 2022
Wed, 29/Jun/2022

This page contains links to ICS calendars for the whole season and for each team in this season.

You may use these links to import these calendars to programs or websites that know how to process ICS calendar data.

For example, you can use the following sequence to import one (or more) of these calendars to Google Calendar:-

  1. Choose (don't click) a calendar that you wish to import to Google Calendar
  2. Right click on the link for that calendar
  3. Choose the option that copies the underlying URL
    • "Copy shortcut" on Internet Explorer
    • "Copy Link Location on Firefox
    • "Copy link address" in Google Chrome
  4. Open your Google Calendar in you favourite browser
  5. Select "Other Calendars"→"Add by URL"
  6. Paste the URL that you copied into the URL box
  7. Select "Add Calendar"
  8. The calendar should now be selectable in the list of calendars towards the bottom left of the screen.

Note: if it doesn't work first time (and I have known it not work), just try again!

It may well be possible to import these calendars into other programs or websites. Please let me know your experiences and I will add instructions and attempt to fix bugs.

Calendar for season 2022 - /resources/calendar/season/143