Petanque league table for Timsbury 7 Stars
Season 2022
Wed, 29/Jun/2022


Normally two pistes are available for matches any Monday to Thursday evening during the season.

The season will begin on Monday 23 April 2018. Ideally, matches should be played on the dates allocated, but they may be re-scheduled to suit and played on another available date, by agreement of the captains (Contact 1 on the Team Details 2018 sheet). The initial fixture list will be made available to Rich Sturgess (Landlord) and teams. However, the most up to date fixture list will be found on the Timsbury Petanque website, as this will always have the details of re-arranged matches. All matches must be played before 30 September 2017. If a team is unable to play a match, you must notify your opponents by phone by 8pm on the previous day and rearrange the game. The Team Details 2017 sheet shows the contact details. Failure to do so will result in your opponents claiming the match 3 – nil with a maximum of 39 points to nil. In addition, your team will be penalised with the deduction of one match point. Rich Sturgess should be informed to confirm the new date. (07949 480808 or

A registration fee of £2 per team member per season (including casual players) is to be paid to the Treasurers (Peter and Liz Bradshaw) at the Celebratory Meal/AGM. If it is not possible to collect all registration fees at the AGM, then the captain of the team is responsible for collecting the remaining registration fees and passing them to the Treasurers. There is no limit to the number of registered players permitted per team. Unregistered players should not play in matches.

A match shall consist of three games. The first team to reach 13 points in a game wins that game, with the best of three games winning the match.

If the Match is not started, then it is ruled as not played as opposed to conceded and points are not awarded. If the match has started, then the game in play must be finished. If then other games are conceded by one of the teams, the outcome will be to award a match win to the other team and record only the points scored in the game or games prior to the match being conceded.

The result of the match is to be recorded by each captain at the completion of the match showing games won and lost and points for and against. The captain of each team will e-mail the result to Chris Selwyn as soon as possible after the match. Chris will maintain the results on a the Timsbury Petanque website. The e-mailing of the result by both captains will provide confirmation of the result. If only one team provides a result, then that result will stand. This should prevent results being misplaced.

The final league positions are determined as follows:

  1. By the number of matches won ------ if tied then
  2. by the number of games difference ------ if still tied then
  3. by the number of points difference

Should a team be unable to field three players in a match, that team may appeal to the opposition to compete with two players, each playing three boule. The opposition may themselves play with three players, choose to play on similar terms or as a last resort ask for the match to be re-scheduled within the allotted time frame. Priority should be to play matches as long as both teams had two players. Both captains would discuss in advance the arrangements if it is likely that only two players on one or both teams would be available or possible permutations of numbers of players during a match.

When two matches are to be played on the same evening the captains of the two home teams toss for choice of piste, providing both sets of players are ready to commence at 19.30. If not, those ready to commence choose the piste.

The boules must be thrown with both feet touching the ground within a 500mm circle. In the case of a wheel chair user, one wheel must be within the circle. The rear of the circle must be at least 1 metre from end of the piste and still allow at least 6 metres of playing space.

If the jack goes out of play and both teams have boules left it becomes a dead end. The same team throws again from the opposite end. If, however, one team has no boules left the other team gets one point for each boule in hand.

11 February 2018